Make Your Own Double Boiler

I was making homemade wickless candles, and I needed a double boiler. There is not a “double boiler” in this house. I do not like to have a lot of appliances/gadgets if I don’t use them regularly.

No worries! You can “make” your own double boiler.

Here’s what you need:

One Pot
One Glass Measuring Cup with a Handle

Here’s what you do:
Fill the pot about 1-2 inches with water.
You need to make sure you are at the stove at all times, so that the water does not evaporate and burn your pot. I actually let water surround the bottom of the glass, although some “experts” would tell you that would not truly be a double boiler. It still melts my ingredients without burning, and faster, I might add. 😉

Slip the glass measuring cup on the side of the pot so that the handle secures it.

Fill with the ingredients you need to melt. In this case, it was emulsified wax. 😉

Stay near the pot at all times and stir occasionally.

When the ingredient that you have is completely melted, pour it into desired container.

If melting wax or other quick-stick ingredients, see how I clean dishes with the toughest stains.

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