Leftover Soup – Keep The Cash Out Of The Trash

Serving the needy is one of our retirement goals and one frugal way of doing that is to be able to save ingredients from one meal and use it in another.

For example, last night we served chili to 75 needy folks at our local homeless shelter “The Annapolis Light House” and got rave reviews. Well while we did use many fresh ingredients, at least 1/3 of it was recycled soups and other ingredients which we had placed in a large food processor with spices and flavorings and turned into a the sauce for the meats (ground beef and turkey).

That old food processor or blender gathering dust on your pantry shelf can be pressed into service to liquify leftover meals and saved for chili, Sloppy Joes and so forth. Keep the cash out of the trash and use those leftovers!

(Susanne’s note:  “Keep the cash out of the trash.”  That is pure genius!)


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