Layered Vanilla Flaky

1 box instant vanilla pudding
unsalted soda crackers (about 2 sleeves)
whipping cream (I use Cool Whip)

1. Mix pudding according to package directions
2. Line any size glass dish with crakers end to end to cover bottom
3. Add layer of pudding thinly but cover crackers completely.
4. Add another layer of crackers, then pudding, then crackers, then pudding (you can get 3 layers in a rectangular dish if you stretch it)
5. Finally you top with whipped cream of any kind (I have even seen sundae cream put on before serving)
6. You MUST let it stand in fridge 24 hours before serving and serve chilled.
What you end up with is a great $3.00 – $4.00 big dessert. The soda crackers turn into flaky pastry when let sit long enough. I have also seen it done with other kinds of pudding like lemon, key lime and butterscotch.
Prices in Canadian dollars so U.S. might be cheaper still.

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