Knitting Socks – Frugal Tip

I thought I’d share one of my favorite things to knit with you today. They are socks and when it comes to knitting, they are quite frugal and best of all, you end up with a hand-knit item for everyday use when you’re done.

I wouldn’t recommend socks for your very first knitting project, but if you’ve made a few dish cloths or scarves and are looking for some ideas to keep knitting on a budget, socks are a great way to go. You can find sock yarn rather inexpensively online and at major craft stores. The yarn is pretty thin, so it’ll take a lot longer to knit up a skein of it than a ticker yarn.

Here’s a picture of some socks I’m knitting on right now. These particular ones are for me, but I also knit quite a of as gifts. You can find hundreds of free sock patterns on Ravelry or just by doing a quick little Google search.

Here’s another quick tip. When you’re knitting socks for kids and they get too small or you end up finding a sock with a few holes in it, unravel them and reuse the sock yarn to knit another pair of socks.

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