How To Stay Motivated To Live Frugally

I spent a little quality time this morning with my coffee and Pinterest. It’s not a bad way to stay the day, especially on the last day of Summer Break. I came across a new blog and a great post that way that I’d like to share with you.

The Blog is called “” and I’ve enjoyed browsing through it. My favorite so far though is the post that originally lead me to the blog about staying motivated to live frugally.

The introduction to the post really spoke to me. As much as I’m the kind of person that lives frugally and pinches penny wherever I can, it does get tiresome and frustrating at times. Knowing I’m not the only one struggling at times helps as do the tips she shares in the post including:

  • Remember the “Why?” 
  • Set Specific Financial Goals
  • Take a Week Off 
  • Allow Some Splurges
  • Find a Support System
How about you? Do you struggle to stick within your budget at times (or even to sit down and make yourself write out that budget for the month)? What do you do to get back on track and stay positive about the whole experience?
I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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