How To Organize Your Home Desk

Sitting down to organize your home desk is a very simple and easy task. While at the moment it may be a disorganized mess, after you get through putting these tips to use, your desk will look more like the workable space it was created for!

The first thing you should do when organizing your home desk is to remove everything from the drawers and the top. You want a complete and bare space to work with. This would be a good time to group all the like things together so that when you are putting your desk back together, you have everything separated into each distinct group.

Now that you have your workable space available and you have all your items organized in like groups, you can start putting your desk back together again. The top of your desk should contain the following: computer, telephone, Rolodex, pen and an in/out box.
The first thing to start with will be your computer. Place it on the desk so that you will not have to strain to reach the keyboard. You need to be able to reach the monitor just in case the brightness needs to be adjusted without having to get up out of your chair.

If your desk is like mine, the pens and pencils always seem to know how to take over every single inch of space. Periodically, go through the pen and pencil stash that you have accumulated and get rid of the ones you never intend on using. Only keep the ones that you will write with the most and place them in a cup on your desk.

Keep a notepad or message book laying on your desk for those important phone calls that you don't want to miss out on. You can get as elaborate as you want with this, or you can create a stack of recycled paper to use as a message pad.

Label one drawer for office supplies only. In this drawer, you will keep staples, tape, scissors, and any other office supplies you have.

Use walls to your advantage. The wall in front of your desk can hold calendars, shelves, white boards, reminders, a clock, and whatever else you would like to be able to see simply by raising your head to look.

If you have a wire problem (the kind where you have so many things plugged in that your wires are running everywhere!) try tying them up so that they are not lying on your desk taking up space.

The best thing to do is if you are feeling overwhelmed, just keep sorting and categorizing. If you invest the time to organize your home desk, then it will get cleared eventually!

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