How To Organize Your Home and Find Everything

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere on time only to find that you can't find your keys? In the background, your daughter yells down the stairs that she can't find her other shoe. You look at the clock only to realize that you are going to be late! In this article, I am going to share a few of my tips that have helped me to organize my home so that I can find everything! By using these strategies, not only will your home stay more organized, but you will also notice that your time has become organized as well!

In my home, keys were always getting lost. No one could ever remember where they had last laid their keys, and the family and I would spend hours searching the house from top to bottom. It wasn't too long ago that I decided I would create a spot in the home just for our keys. I purchased a small pack of screw in hooks, a flat wooden board from the craft store, and a small bottle of paint. I screwed the hooks in and painted the word “keys” on the top. I hung it up by the door in our home that is used the most. Now when everyone arrives home, the first thing that anyone does is hang their set of keys up on the hook. Problem solved for the case of the missing keys!

Another dilemma in our home is mismatched socks. No one in my house likes to fold socks after laundry has been done. Somehow, the dryer or the washing machine wind up eating them! To keep from losing any socks, I purchased a mesh bag. All socks are thrown into this bag so that they can be washed and dried. When the laundry is complete, all the socks are still together, and now creating pairs is no longer a mystery! All your socks will still be there!

To keep jewelry from getting lost, I purchased a wire rack (the kind you use for a cookie cooling tray) and installed it on my wall with a couple of those sticky mount hooks. I started hanging my jewelry on it. Before I purchased that, I was constantly losing earrings, necklaces, etc. Now I can see clearly what earrings and necklaces match and I no longer have to hunt  for the lost mate.

If you have girls in your home, then you know how quickly ponytail holders can go missing. I use two methods and both work great! One thing I use is a curtain ring. All the ponytail holders that my daughter uses are kept on this curtain ring. Whenever she needs one, she opens it, gets the color she needs and then snaps it closed to keep the others from falling off. The other method I use is really simple. I place all the most popular ponytail holders (my white and black ones) around my hairspray bottle. This way, I know where they are always at without having to dig through my makeup case and perfume case looking for them.

These are just a few of the small things I do to keep my home organized so that I can find everything!

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