How To Find Cheap Fresh Produce

Want a frugal and fun way to get some cheap produce!? Well, I found one at Hunsader’s Farm in Bradenton, Florida. We were able to fill a five gallon bucket of tomatoes for $1.00. Yes, we had to pick them ourselves, but that was all part of the fun! Why was it so cheap? Well, it was because the tomato season was just about over and we had our pick of all the left over tomatoes. The deal was you could fill up as many five gallon buckets you wanted for $1.00 each. You just had to weed through all the bad ones. First we picked the tomatoes, then I bought a fresh picked (that day) watermelon for $4.00 while the kids played on the playground. Next we got to feed the goats and look at all the other farm animals. We only were there for 3 hours, but the kids were all worn out by the time we left and took nice long naps. Every mothers goal!

In conclusion, my frugal tip of the day is to go online (that where I found out about this deal) and find a local farm. Many of them will have u-pick deals that are very cheap toward the end of that particular season.

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