Homemade Halloween Costumes – Ask Who, When, And How Much Before You Begin

What makes Halloween such a fun holiday?  Is it creating the Jack O’Lanterns, the neighborhood raids for candy, the decorations, the parties, or is it something else?  For many kids and grownups alike, the thing that makes Halloween the most fun is the costumes!

Many folks want to make their own costumes at home in order to create lasting memories with their children.  However, this is not the only reason.  More and more families are trying to watch their budget.  Making their own fun costumes for Halloween is an easy and fun way to save money, as well as making memories.

When you decide to make Halloween costumes at home, you need to ask yourself a few questions, like, will the costume be suitable for my child’s age; will it work for the games planned at the party; how much time do I have to make the costume; and of course, how much money can I spend on a costume. Let’s attempt to answer some of these questions here:

Who? – The appropriateness of a costume for a 10 year old is totally different than for a 2 year old.  Complicated closures and busy embellishments can pose some safety issues for a little one and cause frustration, too.  If the costume is mainly used for Trick-or-Treat night you’ll want something that is warm enough for a cold climate and light colored for safety sake.  Of course there should never be a mask worn by a child who is old enough to walk from door to door, as the child needs to have unrestricted vision to watch out for traffic.

Time? – Say you receive an invitation to a special party weeks in advance of Halloween.  You can go to the fabric store and have fun buying just the right stuff to create great costumes for your family.  That’s definitely family fun!  But, if you find out about a party just days or hours beforehand, can you still have fun creating costumes?  Of course you can.  If you accept your time constraints and get creative, you can still laugh with your family and have a good time making those last-minute costumes.

Money? – Even if you have all the time in the world to create Halloween costumes for your family, it won’t do you any good if you ruin your budget in the process.  Over-spending on costumes will certainly not create a very happy memory.  Instead of robbing your grocery money for the week to pay for your little one’s lavish costume, look for fabulously bejeweled cast-offs either in your closet or at the local thrift store.  That’s what all those old bridesmaids dresses are made for!

What Next? – Once you’ve answered those three questions, you’re ready for some basic costume construction ideas.  You’ll need a few elements to help you create something that’s fun, frugal, and fast.  With a little cardboard or posterboard, you can build a classic sandwich board style costume and create any number of costumes, like a playing card or box of cereal.  Cut a couple wing shapes out, spray them with different paint colors, and you’ve got yourself a butterfly.  With a cardboard box and some paint you can turn your child into a car or a Christmas present.

Three Children - Trick or Treat

There’s also the costume creation method called “rummaging through Mom and Dad’s closet.”  This is perfect for very short time notice and very limited funds.  If possible, Grandma and Grandpa’s closet will yield even greater finds for your little ones.  Grandma’s long flannel nightgown and some curlers in a hair-net will have your neighborhood laughing hysterically as your family goes out on Trick-or-Treating night.  One of Dad’s shirts, a tie, hat, and a briefcase turns your little fresh-faced toddler into a busy executive.  Keep an open mind and you are bound to find lots of stuff to create all sorts of fun!

Have you asked yourself those three questions:

  • Who is this costume for?
  • How much time do I have?
  • What’s my budget?

If so, then you have the basics to start looking for ideas to create your own special Halloween costumes for your family.  It’s time now to get ready for that all important question that we hear our children ask every year – “What should I be for Halloween?”



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