Freezer Egg Cheese and Sausage English Muffins

It gets really expensive fast to stop through a drive through for your morning breakfast. I found that with just a little time, I can put together breakfast and keep it in my deep freeze.
I find that my version of the Egg **Muffin is much cheaper too.

You will need:
I get English muffins from the local bread outlet store
Kraft slices cheese
Meat of your choice-I got sausage slices on sale and cooked them ahead of time.

Open the English muffins. On one side put a slice of cheese and a piece of meat. On the other side place a medium poached egg. Put the sandwiches together and place in zip-locks and put in freezer. The can be microwaved to warm up,and the ziplocks washed and reused.
I figure that with buying the supplies on sale, my breakfast muffins cost about
.70 each.I usually make a dozen at a time. Add some fruit and a glass of milk for a well rounded breakfast.

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