Home Organization: Conquering the School Morning Rush

School mornings are hectic.

Yes, most kids know how to dress themselves by the time they start school but that doesn’t mean that moms get to sit back and relax. You still need to supervise, button, smooth, adjust, comb, wipe, tighten, tie, wipe again, inspect, peruse.

The mental checklist is downright exhausting and only multiples with each kid. You’ve done what you can. Baths, clothes laid out, lunches prepped – all the night before. It helps but here is another idea for you to try: a “Morning Drawer”. I know, the name is a little hokey; feel free to use your own.

The concept is the same, though. It’s just another way to turn you into the ultra-organized mom who has smooth sailing, streamlined mornings without a hair out of place. Heels, lipstick and … too much?
Stash everything your family needs to make your mornings run as efficient as any assembly line in Detroit in that drawer, including:

1. Cereal bars for the nibblers. If you have a kid that just isn’t awake enough to eat or eats as slow as molasses, keep their favorite in the drawer. This is also helpful on the days when everyone sleeps through that alarm clock. Eeeks!

2. Even if your family hasn’t seen a diaper in a decade, keep a supply of wipes in the drawer. They can help with dirty faces, sticky fingers, breakfast on shirts, toothpaste on pants and anything else your kids can get stuck on them.

3. Laundry pens. For tougher spills, a Tide laundry pen can clean up quickly without wasting time to get a kid’s clothes completely changed. Genius.

4. Money. Keep a bunch of quarters for the vending machines and dollar bills for school lunches. You could even put exact change for lunch in a few extra envelopes so you can grab one and stick it in a backpack before the mad dash for the bus.

5. Kleenex and cough drops. Handy stuff to have around.

6. Hair stuff. Brushes, barrettes, rubber bands and head bands all wander off. Having everything in one spot, by the door, speeds up the ponytail process. Even if you have boys, a squirt of gel may be needed before they expose that bed head to the public.

7. Lint brush. If you have pets, this is especially important. Your kids may not even care but, hey, they need to look good. Don’t let them head out the door with half of Fido on the back of their pants. This is also handy for the adults in the house.

8. Pens & paper. You never know when a permission slip is going to pop up at the last minute or you need to write a quick note to the teacher. Being prepared with everything you need insures that your mornings will run smoother.

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