Healthy Crockpot Meals

My friend Angie from Sizzlin’ Circuits shared some of her favorite crockpot recipes with us here recently. Today I asked her to share her thoughts on crockpot cooking in general and why it works so well for her family. I also asked her to give us some tips on healthy crockpot meals and lat but not least a little more information on her new home workout program.

Here’s Angie:

Why Do I like crockpot recipes?

1) We’re a busy family, and to be able to put the ingredients into a crockpot and have the freedom to leave the house and go about our day while it’s cooking is ideal for us. Most recipes cook for 6-8 hours so kind of like, “set it and forget it.” It’s not like cooking in the oven or on the stove, where you need to be close by to keep on eye on it and be ready when the timer goes off. This is great because you don’t have to be standing in the kitchen all day over a hot stove.

2) Prep time is really quick. We usually just add the frozen whole chicken, roast, or fish and add in some veggies and spices.

3) It’s great to know that you don’t have to cook dinner at the end of a long day.

4) Clean up is quick too!

5) We love how the meats, such as chicken and roast soak in the flavor of the seasonings and the veggies… especially sweet potatoes, when they are blended together all day long.

6) The variety and possibilities are endless. You can almost throw in anything that you want.

How do we make sure they are healthy?

1) When cooking with chicken we only add water or chicken broth. We stay clear from the creamy soups the majority of the time. We find that the chicken absorbs the flavors from the spices and veggies better this way too.

2) Same with Roast… we only add water or beef broth.

3) We make lots of soups that do not need cream. For soups and chili’s we usually just add water or a tomato base.

4) Typical ingredients that we add to our crockpot recipes are chicken, fish, roast, sweet potatoes, carrots, kidney beans, corn, broccoli, lentils, and tomatoes.

About Sizzlin’ Circuits

Our latest program is called Sizzlin’ Circuits. It’s designed for women and targets specific problem areas, such as the butt and thighs. It’s a home based workout that can be done in a small amount of space and only requires a stability ball and some dumbbells. The workouts are time efficient, burning loads of calories and boosting your metabolism all day long.

Sizzlin’ Circuits includes follow along workout videos (digital), a workout journal to record your progress, 3 motivational audios, a 7 day meal plan with behind the scenes videos of the meals that we eat (much like the crockpot videos in this post), our Fat Loss Quickie Mindset Bootcamp book, and the Fat Loss Quickie Support Community.

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