Harlequin Chili

Black Beans 1 cup, dry
Chic Peas 0.5 cup, dry
Lima Beans 0.5 cup, dry
Celery 0.25 cup, diced
Oil, Olive EV 1 T
Ground Turkey 0.5 pound, ground
OR 1/3 cup TVP, rehydrated in 1 cup water
Onion, yellow 1 medium, chopped
Garlic 1 clove, chopped
Salt 1 t (none if tomatoes are salted)
Parsley* 1 T, dried
Cilantro* 1 T, dried
Veg-It Seasoning or Brewer’s Yeast (opt.) 1 T
Chili Powder 1.5 t
Pepper, black 0.5 t
Celery Seed* 0.5 t, ground
Cumin Seed* 0.5 t, ground
Tomatoes; chopped, 1 can, unsalted
Catsup 0.25 cup (or, 2 T tomato paste)

*If possible, grind together with a small mortar and pestle before adding to the saute mixture.

Soak and cook until tender black turtle beans, garbanzos and baby lima beans. (Soak and cook black beans separately so that they don’t dye the other beans black.) Saute together remaining ingredients, except for tomators & paste/catsup. Combine meat & spice mixture with beans and tomato products. Stew together at least 30 minutes, or in a crock pot on Low for four+ hours. The cooked chili can be frozen.

The fragrant combination of cumin with celery seed, and the mixture of different bean, all combine beautifully. This is a great chili when you’re tired of the standard TexMex version.

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