1/2c. Flour
1/2 oil
1c. chopped onion
1c. chopped bell pepper
1c. chopped celery
1/2c. parsley
1tsp. salt
1tsp. File
1/2tsp. minced garlic
2tsp. kitchen bouquet
2tsp. garlic powder
1tsp. crab boil
1 pound smoked sausage sliced in 1/4 in.
4 chicken thighs
6 chicken legs
2 bullion cubes
gizzards & Livers to liking
8 cups water
1 pound shrimp for last 30 minutes add
6 cups cooked rice (2 uncooked rice cups)

1. Slowly cook oil and flour on low heat (can take half hour depending) in large Dutch oven. Occasionally stirring until golden brown (Not burnt don’t cook fast will change flavor).

2. add veggies mix them really well in roux.add water and seasonings.

3. add sausage, chicken bring to a boil and simmer for an hour until chicken is cooked. pull out chicken and allow to cool.

4. when chicken is cool debone and put back in gumbo.

5. the last 30 hour before you choose to serve add in your shrimp or what other seafood crab etc. you choose.

Put cooked rice in bottom of bowl and ladle gumbo on top add more file if desired. We get oyster crackers or garlic bread. It is a great winter meal!

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