Growing And Cooking With Taragon

When it was time to plant our garden this summer, I decided that I should give some new herbs a try. While we’re fairly new to vegetable gardening, I’ve always had some herbs growing in pots. Mostly I’ve been sticking to things I use often in my cooking and baking (think rosemary, basil, parsley etc.)

This year I thought I would branch out a bit and got some mint, lavender and a stevia plant. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the flavors those herbs have to offer.

One herb I don’t really know much about but something I plan to grow and cook with in the very near future is Tarragon. I came across a post about this french herb on and thought I’d share it with you this morning.

Becca is talking about tarragon and says:

French Tarragon is prized for its aromatic hints of fennel and licorice.  Tarragon, along with parsley and chives is one of the three components in fines herbes, often used in Mediterranean cuisine. Its coarser cousin, Russian tarragon has an inferior flavor and is not cultivated for culinary use.

She also shares a wonderful chicken recipe that not only has chicken and tarragon, but also bacon. Yum!

Do you use tarragon in your kitchen? What’s your favorite recipe?

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