Ground Turkey American Chop Suey

1 lb. ground turkey (can be frozen roll)
1 can tomato juice or V8
1-2 boxes of elbow macaroni
1 onion/chopped
1 green or red pepper/chopped
garlic (how every much you like)
dash of Worcestershire sauce
dash of salt and pepper
In a skillet (preferably an electric skillet), add your oil and pour your dry elbow macaroni, into the oil and let it cook on medium heat till the macaroni begins to get golden with the veggies softening. Don’t overcook your pasta or it may get too brown! Here is where you can either add the turkey to the elbow macaroni pepper and onion or you can cook the meat in a separate pan. If you do cook in a seperate pan, after all the pink is gone, add it to the macaroni. Dash your Worcestershire sauce, dash of salt and pepper and pour in your can of tomato juice or V8 and simmer. As you can see, this can all be done in one skillet if you don’t cook the meat separate. Cook on medium till the juice cooks into the meat and macaroni and your macaroni is tender enough for how your family enjoys it. I usually use 1 1/2 box of elbow because my family adores this meal. You can always buy an extra can of tomato juice and add more juice if you find the casserole to be too dry. This tastes awesome the next day and get a loaf of Italian or French bread.

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