Grandma Knows Best

My great grandmother was way ahead of her time. She would have fit in great now with that all natural, going green mentality that is so “in” right now. She recycled before recycling was the right thing to do. She was her own herblist before there was a grocery store isle devoted to “supplements”. She is still alive and doing quite well for being 95. Perhaps it was all the spinach juice she drank or the iodine and orange juice she drank every morning. She was particularly good at recycling. She never threw ANYTHING away. Here are some great money saving recycling tips from my great grandma! Enjoy!

  • Use cut up old (washed) pantyhose as pillow stuffing. Grandma always made handmade pillows stuffed with old pantyhose. They were seriously the most comfortable pillows ever! We didn't know for years that was what was in the pillows until a corner got torn one day. We were all a little surprised!!
  • Cut away thin strips from the “control” top of pantyhose. Use them as rubber bands! If you use knee highs, the tops of those make great rubber bands too.
  • Use old boots as flower pots! Instead of throwing them away, fill 'em up with dirt and grow something!!
  • Save the tops and bottoms of your frozen juice cans. Punch a hole in them and string some yarn through. Have the kids decorate them or glue on school pictures. Nice Christmas ornament.
  • Place old pantyhose over the hose from your washer. It will help keep from getting hair and what not in the drain that will cause messy clogs.

I could write more, but I will save that for another blog post!!!!!

Me, my mom, and grandma

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