Go For A Swim – Frugal Family Fun

It’s gotten hot around here this week and I’m looking forward to spending some time cooling off in the water and going for a swim. No matter where you live, it’s always a fun activity in the summer time and can be done quite frugally.

If you live near a beach or lake, go take advantage of the free swim. If you don’t find a friend with a pool (or neighborhood pool), or look into public pools. We spent quite a bit of time last summer at a local public pool and spent $3 each time we went, which I thought was a steal for one adult and one child.

I loved the fact that there was no snack bar or concession. I just packed some water, juice boxes and a little snack. If you’re heading out for a swim don’t forget that it’s likely been a while since your kids have been in the water. Keep a close eye on them while they get used to swimming. It’s also a good idea to review water safety before heading out. Last but not least, don’t forget the sun screen and don’t stay out too long.

Young girl in the pool

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