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This article was submitted by a reader.  Thank you so much for sharing these ideas for gift giving.  What I’d like to ask, is if you have a favorite charity that you know our friends here at HBHW would like to know about, please mention it in the comments below. 
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In the spirit of giving, one option for your gifts this holiday season are gifts that give back.
Many of these are inexpensive but still do a great amount in helping those in need.
Here are some ideas:

Oxfam Unwrapped

These are various gifts donated to those in need, and you receive a card to give to your friend/family member/etc. that explains the donation. Gifts include things like organic seeds for subsistence farmers, goats for villagers or mosquito nets for South American children and much more. There are quite a few under $30.  These are available in USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, etc. etc.

You can also make a donation in your gift receiver’s name. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a large donation – every bit helps.

Some ideas are:
Women’s shelters
Senior centres.
Youth centres.
Children’s charities.
Homeless shelters.
Cancer and other disease/illness organizations.

You don’t always have to donate money – you can donate craft supplies to youth centres or toys for the children at a Women’s centre etc.  Many of the larger organizations have cards that you can purchase for a donation of choice, to give to your gift receiver, but if they don’t you can just write a message in a card saying “A donation to X has been in your name.” etc.

There are also many fair trade stores and products as well as stores that donate a percentage of profits to charity. One is Lush, a homemade cosmetic store.

There are many out there, for foods, clothes, jewellery or cosmetics – many gifts available are under $20. Check around your area.

Remember that giving back, no matter how small, is a really great thing to do. People really appreciate the thoughtfulness of a donation on their behalf.

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