Frugal Produce Saver

I recently went online to Rubbermaid and got a coupon to save $1.00 on the Produce Saver, I then went to local discount chain store and was able to get a box of 4 produce saver bowls and save a $1.00. I was skeptical but also curious because I wanted to make my fresh produce last longer. A couple weeks later my local grocery store offered a sale on lettuce, 88 cents a head compared to the usual $1.49 a head. So I purchased the lettuce went home cleaned off outer leaves, trim down the stalk and placed it in my large produce saver bowl. The lettuce lasted 4 weeks and was as crisp the final day we used it as it was the first day. I have also had great luck with fresh berries, and fresh onions after peeling them and using part of the onion. So even tho I spent approximately $8.00 for 4 produce saver bowls they have more than paid for themselves over the past couple of months. So far no wasted produce to throw out. I also wrap my celery in foil when I get home from grocery shopping and it makes the celery last twice as long.

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