Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to gift wrapping, whether over the holidays and for other special occasions, nothing beats those pretty gift bags. But, have you noticed the prices?! The cost of wrapping a gift has become almost as expensive as what’s inside… sometimes more!

It’s hard to give up wrapping gifts in those pretty little bags, paper, and ribbons, but I have to. I can’t justify spending that much money on just the wrapping.

Instead of buying wrapping paper and accessories, I have found that with a touch of creativity and a bit of craftiness, I can design my own inexpensive gift wrappings at a fraction of the cost. Here is a simple way to turn plain wrapping into pretty wrapping.

You’ll find in any party store, dollar store, or grocery store, small ‘lunch’ bags; little brown, white, or colored paper bags. They’ll be sold in packs of ten, twelve, or more for a very reasonable price.

Buy jute or other natural looking string for the brown bags. Even a roll of brown twine will look nice when used with a brown bag.

Buy ribbon or colored yarn for the white or colored bags. Look for scraps of yarn and ribbon in craft shops. You’ll often find remnants of all sorts of strings, ribbons, and yarn for very little money.

Then, if you want, buy a selection of other decorative items you think might make your gift even prettier. If you go to a Goodwill store or other resale shop, you can often find bags of sewing notions and costume jewelry odds and ends. Fill a bucket with these goodies and you’ll have everything you need.

Lunch bags don’t ordinarily come with handles. You can create handles to make your gift bag look more like a store-bought style. Use a hole punch to put two holes in the front and back of the bag at the top. Thread your string or ribbon through and tie closed to form a handle on the bag. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can use glue.

You may want to change the size of the bag. Cut the top of the bag off using special scrapbooking scissors to create a uniquely shaped gift bag. If you don’t have scrapbooking scissors, you can cut a free-form shape. Even something as simple as cutting the top of the bag at a few sharp angles will make the bag uniquely yours. Consider gluing trim along the edge, or a line of glitter or sequins. Whatever you do, you will end up with a gift bag that you are proud to give.

Make some of these bags ahead of time and keep them on hand so you’ll be ready for any gift-giving emergency. Just think of all the times you have needed to give a little gift. There was that gift to your neighbor for picking up your mail. Then there was the gift for your daughter’s piano teacher for her new grandchild. These little inexpensive gift bags are perfectly appropriate, especially for small gifts.

With these simple ideas you’ll be ready with the wrapping when any occasion calls for a small gift… and it won’t cost you more than the gift itself!

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