Frugal Dining For One Recipes

I’m looking for frugal recipes that serve one person, or at most, two people. Sure, I can make a big pot of chile, soup or spaghetti sauce, but then I get tired of eating it after about three days, and there’s still half of it left! I don’t want my freezer full of precooked meals, either, because then I don’t have room for those pork chops that I got on sale. I do cut up meat that I buy in larger pieces, portion out packages of meat that I buy, so that I can cook one portion at a time (or two if I have company), but that’s expensive, too. How can I trim my food budget, and still stay healthy and well nourished? All recipes need to either be gluten free, or adaptable to gluten free, too – this adds a lot to my budget, so I’d like to not have to rely on pricey pre-made gf items. I do enjoy fruits and veg in season, when they’re cheapest, and freshest, and steer clear of out-of-season produce. I’d rather not be stuck with half tins of tomatoes and beans, as well – they tend to get tossed because I can’t use them quickly. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thank you all, Carol

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