French Bread Salad

My aunt told me about this frugal use of french bread which is drying out and can’t be used for sandwiches, etc. Simply cut or tear it into pieces about an inch or so “square” and put in salad bowl. Add 3-4 or more chopped ripe tomatoes, the juicier the better and some chopped scallions, or other onions. If you want you can add chopped cucumbers, mushrooms, celery, or whatever other veggies you like.

Make a dressing with olive oil or salad oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt or Bragg’s amnios, pepper, and minced fresh garlic and herbs if you like.

Pour it over the bread and veggies and toss well. Best if you chill it for a while.

This is a great salad on hot days and a wonderful way to use older french bread and make a more substantial salad.

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