Food Dehydrator Is A Great Investment

As my husband and I don’t have any children, we go through food much more slowly than most families. We do some shopping at Costco, but the large quantities can sometimes be problematic, especially with fresh produce, and I’m sure this happens to many people: you don’t get the fruit/veggies eaten before they start to go bad.

We invested in a food dehydrator (approx $60)and it has saved us a lot of money!

When it looks like we won’t get out fruit eaten in time, we slice it up and put it in the dehydrator,run it overnight, and voila! Dried fruits that can be used for oatmeal/cereal topping, baking, even making your own granola. Plus you can dehydrate your veg, too. This works out well for us as we don’t own a chest freezer, so our freezer space is limited. Also, my husband uses it to make beef jerky when meat is on sale. He takes steak and slices it up (or you can use ground meat) and marinate it, and dehydrate. Much cheaper than buying the store-bought stuff for $4 a bag.

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