Feng Shui Strategies Can Get You Ready To Clean Your House

Sometimes the simplest little cleaning task can seem overwhelming, especially if you have to wade through mountains of clutter before you can even begin.

I think most people have some idea of the struggle I speak of. For instance, my desk just seems to get covered in an avalanche of papers. Many folks have the same problem in their entryway with a table piled high with mail or other items that get deposited there. Some folks struggle with a bathroom counter top that has bric-a-brac scattered about. You may not be able to easily vacuum because you first must move mountains of magazines, books, toys, remote controls, or whatever seems to gather around the chairs and sofas.

If this sounds familiar, then you know how doing a simple cleaning task becomes more complicated. When you walk into your bathroom armed with your scrubbing and shining tools, if you can’t get at the surfaces that need cleaning, do you get a little frustrated? I know when I’m faced with sorting piles of clutter on surfaces before I can clean, I may just turn around and leave it for another day.

Decluttering using a few feng shui strategies to lift your spirits has become a very popular method.  The reasoning is that in the midst of clutter, we can become immobilized, our mind starts to spin.  When our mind is cluttered, we often become motionless. Our best laid plans come to a halt. Faced with clutter, we often just retreat.

The idea of using feng shui in cleaning means surrounding yourself with pretty colors, good light, pleasant aromas, and pleasing sounds, as you reduce your clutter.  I outlined these strategies in another post.  Click on The Feng Shui post to see what you can do to help you get past the confusion of the clutter, which is the first step to getting your house clean!

Won’t it be nice when you can grab your cleaning supplies and head in with determination and not be discouraged and become motionless by the clutter you encounter? The clutter is gone and your “mental motion” is restored.

Clutter is an obstacle that needs to be removed from your path. Take the first step today so your path is clear when you’re ready to move ahead!

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