Extend Your Butter

I live here in Benin and real butter here is shiped in from France. some time ago it became quite expensive so i decided to find another thing to use as butter but at the same time i like the taste of butter and the margerine here tastes like strawberry. so i took a block of butter here it is 250g and then added about the same amount of oil.. here it is soybean oil. and added some fine salt, i then beat it with my mixer until it was well mixed together and then stuck it in the fridge. it gets hard like butter. you need to use an oil that doesn’t have much taste and isn’t going rancid. if you want you can add onion or garlic or seasoning salt or if you want honey. just beat it up and keep in the fridge. if you need to spread it on bread and not toast then take it out about 15 min before you want to use it.

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