Dry Skin Exfoliate

I have extremely dry skin and for the most part I live in a dry climate. Everytime I took a shower I would moisturize with baby oil. My skin would feel good for about an hour then I was back to dry skin again. A friend of my suggested the following and it works wonderfully…..
1/3 cup olive oil
2 TBSP baking soda

Place in a bowl and mix together. Right before I get in the shower I rub this mixture all over my face and body. I then get in the shower and wash it off with my soap… I use Dove because of my dry skin. My skin feels so soft and moisturized. My skin stays soft and moisturized for a couple of days instead of just an hour. I repeat this every two to three days. It just takes a few minutes, but it’s time I take for me.

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