Cranberry Salad

  • 2 large packages of cherry jello ( can be sugar free )
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  • 1 16 oz. container sour cream ( can be light or fat free )
  • 1 12 oz- 16 oz. package of cranberries
  • 1 8 oz. container of cool whip ( optional )

Mix the 2 packages of jello with 2 cups of boiling water. Mix until well disolved. Put in refrigerator to chill for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

As the jello is chilling, use cranberries to make cranberry sauce according to the package directions. Set aside to cool while the jello is “setting”.

After the jello is set, mix the cranberry sauce and jello together. Place the mixture in the refrigerator to gel. When the mixture has completely set, take the sour cream and blend with the jello mixture. ( You can blend by hand, or with an electric mixer on low speed. ) After well blended, fold in chopped pecans and cool whip if desired. Enjoy !

This is my grandmother’s that we just absolutely love! We’ve been making it for years and it’s delicious! It’s just not Thanksgiving without it!

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