Cool Tips For Hot Days

We’ve officially reached the hottest days of summer and it’s getting harder and harder to keep our cool… even with air conditioning. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay cool (or at least cooler) on even the hottest summer days.

Start With The Right Breakfast

Breakfast is your most important summer meal. Since it’s usually not quite as hot early in the morning, your body will be better able to digest the food you are consuming. You’re also less likely to get dizzy if you have eaten something. Choose light and cool breakfast options like yogurt smoothies, fruit salads, vegetables and yogurt or light cream cheese on whole wheat bread.

My favorite summer breakfast is a smoothie made from bananas, fat-free yogurt and a splash of orange juice. For a frozen smoothie use frozen fruit and yogurt.

Drink Plenty Of Water

The heat causes us to lose plenty of water each day. Try to make up for it by drinking at least 80 oz of cool water per day. You can add some flavor to it by squeezing a bit of lemon in your water, or add a small splash of fruit juice. Herbal ice teas are also a great alternative. Just stay away from sweetened and caffinated drinks as they will cause even more dehydration.

Little boy drinking water.

Drink your water cool, but not ice cold. As the ice cold water hits your system, it signals to your body that you are cooling down to quickly, causing it to try to warm you back up, which isn’t exactly what you need in the middle of the summer. Skip the ice and just drink your water cool.

Take A Lukewarm Shower

Speaking of water… you may be tempted to hop in the shower and turn the water to cold to help cool yourself down. While this may make you feel better initially, your body again overcompensates by generating more heat. To help cool you down long-term, shower with lukewarm water instead.

For an extra freshness burst, shower with a minty shower gel.

Keep Lunch and Dinner Light and Cool

You’re body isn’t ready for anything too heavy when it’s hot outside. Opt for light meals instead and keep them cool whenever possible. Good choices are sandwiches with lean meats or cheese and plenty of lettuce and veggies as well as all types of salad and cold soups like gazpacho.

Relax and De-Stress

Remind yourself throughout the day to destress. The more relaxed you are the less heat your body produces. Close your eyes and focus on slow steady breathing for a few seconds. Daydreaming about a nice calm (and if possilbe cool) place can also help. Doing just a few minutes worth of relaxation exercises throughout the day can go a long way in destressing and thus cooling down.

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