Cooking With Quinoa For Health, Fitness, And Weight Loss

cal Hispanic grocery store. You can easily order quinoa online via We are now ordering it in 10lb bags.

Once I found a more frugal source for this ancient grain, it was time to try out some quinoa recipes. I'm going to share quite a few of them on this blog over the coming weeks, but also wanted to mention a wonderful ebook full of quinoa cooking tips and recipes with you.

It's called “The Complete Guide to Cooking With Quinoa“.

It's packed full of delicious recipes for anything from soups and stews to salads, stir fries and even dessert.

My favorite by far though are some of the bonuses, especially the 7 day weightloss plan with quinoa and the guide to sprouting them.

For $27, this ebook package is a steal and a must have for anyone starting to cook with quinoa.

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