Cinna-Sticks for Pizza Night

I go to Aldi and get $1.99 pizza for “Pizza Night” at our house but the family misses having those horribly expensive “cinna-sticks” that you can get at Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc. so I do this and it’s a hit:

I buy a can or two of generic cinnamon rolls (generic refrigerated cans) at Aldi for $0.69 each. I preheat the oven to the temp. it says on the package. I take each roll out and unroll it into a long snake-like piece and then rip it in half at the middle. I then twist each half a couple times and maybe stretch a little then press the two ends I’m holding onto a cookie sheet (NOT greased). I do this with all 8 (1can)or 16 (2 cans) that I am using (makes 16 to 32 sticks) I don’t place them more than 1 1/2 inch apart as they don’t expand much. I spray them with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray (for taste only, not function so this step is optional) and I bake for about 6 minutes only. I remove from oven and let them sit on pan for about 5 minutes then remove them. Then you dip them!! Use the icing that comes in the end of the tube and we also use some generic white cake icing from the fridge (there always seems to be a partial can! LOL) and thin it w/ water or milk. Taaadaaa!!! Cinna-sticks for $0.69!!!


–If your sticks are still limp after cooling them completely, then your oven differs from mine and just put them in longer next time. One minute increments. They will still be tasty just not dip-able this time.

–This works with name brand rolls too except I have found that they are harder to unroll. They are stuck together into their “cinnamon bun shape” better to begin with than the low dollar ones.

Have fun and I know they’ll be a hit at your house too! Pizza night for as low as $2.68!!! Who’da’thunk’it????

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