Christmas Eve Boxes For the Kids

Many of you know that we are a culturally mixed household. My husband is from the South, I’m from Germany. Since getting married we have blended our two cultures as much as possible.

Our Christmases growing up have been very different. Mine was less about presents and more about the spiritual and religious aspects of Christ’s birth. My husband had the traditional Santa bringing loads of toys for Christmas experience. He opened his gifts on Christmas morning… I opened mine Christmas Eve after church and dinner.

To combine both traditions, we’ve always opened one gift each Christmas Eve and the rest of them Christmas morning. Yesterday, I came across a blog post with an even more fun idea – A Christmas Eve box for the kids. These look like such a fun idea. To be honest I would like one of these to open Christmas Eve … I might have to talk to my husband 🙂

Click through to her post to see a picture of her Christmas eve boxes and find out what she’s putting into hers.


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