Black Beans & Rice

You take some black beans (enough for yourself & your family) & cook them..
Also prepare some rice (enough for everyone) & cook that, so it’s done
around the same time as the beans.. Then when your beans and rice are done,
add a jar of salsa (or to taste) to the beans and mix, until all the beans
are coated in salsa. Dip out some rice and put beans mixed with salsa on
top.. Enjoy. 😀

It may sound strange or yucky, but it’s really quite
tasty… And most importantly… CHEAP! lol If you like spicy, you can even
add a can of rotel.. Or a can of diced tomatoes to make it more chunky, if
you are not a big fan of spicy food. 🙂 This dish is especially good with
homemade salsas and canned veggies… And corn salsa. Picante (like Pace
Picante) sauce is also good, and has a lot of other veggies in it, like
onions, peppers & etc.

I get those really big bags of rice from an Asian market (you can get a 20lb
bag for like $8.00 & some of them are even calcium enriched).. You can store
the rice in one of those air tight dog food bins… lol Sounds kinda ghetto,
but it works really well. 🙂 I keep a 1 cup scoop in with mine, so I can
just dip out a cup or two of rice and put the lid back on & get cooking. 🙂
And.. Honestly, black beans & rice is one of my favorite meals.

HBHW reader Candy

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