Beat The Winter Chill With Some Good Home Cooking

Down here in the deep south, we’ve had one of the coldest winters in recent years – and it’s early February. There are quite a few more cold weeks ahead of us. For me there is nothing better to warm up and beat the winter chill than with some good home cooking.

One of my personal favorites is a hot bowl of chicken and dumplings and some scratch biscuits on the side. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

My husband’s favorites are pot of beef and vegetable soup or homemade chili with a side of cornbread, while my daughter will go for chicken noodle soup or broccoli cheese soup any winter day.

What is it about these comfort foods that instantly makes us feel better? Not only do they warm us up, these soups and stews also do a great job at helping us fight the winter blues.

Let’s start with the obvious… all these dishes are piping hot when you bring them to the table. Even the breads are still warm from the oven. Enjoying warm foods like this after spending some time outside in the winter, is a great way to help us warm back up.

These winter dishes also contain quite a few carbs. That’s easy sugar that our body can quickly burn as fuel to keep generating body heat. Eating carbs will also release hormones like serotonin that make us feel happy, making them the perfect foods to beat winter blues and cabin fever.

Here’s another great reason to cook and bake in the wintertime. It will keep your kitchen nice and toasty warm. I had a big pot of beef stew cooking on the stove all day and then made some homemade cornbread. We all ended up hanging out in the kitchen because it was much warmer than the rest of the house. It was wonderful. I had some company while I was cooking and after dinner we all worked on dishes together before settling around the kitchen table to play some games.

I shared a few of my favorite home cooked meals for the winter months. How about you? What are your own favorite cold weather dishes? Please share them (with recipe if you can) in the comment section below.

We all have favorite comfort foods that we make over and over to warm us up during cold weather. It’s nice to have a few classic dishes to fall back on, but isn’t it also fun to find new favorites?

This is what I was busy doing during the cold weather, and I decided to put the recipes together in a fun little Kindle ebook – Soups, Stews, and Supper Stretchers

You’ll find hearty, filling meals to make you feel cozy and warmer when the weather is gloomy, cold, and dark.  Whether you’re snowed in or it won’t quit raining, these dishes will have you feeling brighter in no time.

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Soups, Stews and Supper Stretchers

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