Beads From Recycled Plastic

nsure your bead has a hole in the middle. it may take a couple tries to get it wrapped around. the plastic is very hot so work fast or you will get burned.
Then keep heating it by using the toothpick instead of the tweezers to hold it.
When it is soft again pinch or roll between your fingers to make into the desired shape.
When you are done take the bead off the tooth pick and drop into the cold water to quickly cool it down.
For color you can use colored sharpie markers on the plastic before making a bead or you can use colored plastic like cd cases. I had good luck with cd cases. The take out boxes are very thin and so a little too flimsy to make really good chunky beads.
Your finished beads can be strung as jewelry, key chains, or window accents. Use your imagination.
This is a fun craft for kids but since it does involve a lot of heat and fire I highly recommend the kids color on the plastic while mom makes the beads.

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