Ashes Used To Shine Old Silver Rings

We all know that smoking is a dirty habit, but did you know that it can shine up those old silver rings while still leaving the character on them?

I have tons of old silver rings, many of them spoon rings. After a while they become dull. Naturally it's time to clean them but if you put them in a jewelry cleaner they are COMPLETELY clean and, in my opinion, equally lifeless.

Tarnish gives old silver character and makes its design pop out.

I have discovered ( thanks Mom ) that if you put a fingertip into an ashtray and then rub the outside of your piece with it, the tarnish comes off very easily but still leaves the hollows and ridges dark!

Afterwards you can wipe the ring with a paper towel, or rinse it under running water just to make sure all the ash is off!

I wouldn't suggest picking up a smoking habit just to clean your rings, but it is a very cheap and easy way to clean up those old rings without taking away their spunk!

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