Very Frugal Creamy Potato Soup

  • 2 potatoes for each person to feed
  • 1 med chopped onion
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 stick butter

Peel and quarter potatoes, Peel and quarter onion. Put in pan large enough to barely cover with water. Cook until the potatoes are done. DO NOT DRAIN! Mash a couple of times to break potatoes into smaller pieces and thicken the water slightly. Add milk and butter. Season to taste. We like lots of pepper.

I buy my evaporated milk at Sav-a-Lot for 69 cents per can.

Additional notes by recipe submitter:

  1. Try the recipe just as it is the first time.  I really enjoy the simple taste of potatoes, milk, onions and butter. It is a simple flavor that is really delicious.
  2. This recipe probably goes back at least a couple hundred years in my family.
  3. Originally, the recipe called for slightly draining the potatoes before mashing and using regular milk.  I changed it to evaporated milk so that I could always have the ingredients on hand in case of emergencies.  This recipe is easy to make during natural disasters (like tornados) when the power is out and you are cooking on a grill, etc. I've done it.
  4. You can dress this recipe up with any number of winter vegetables, sour cream, bacon bits, ham, cheese–the sky is the limit.  I've done all of these variations.  However, my favorite is still the original recipe as it comes, with lots of pepper and soda crackers.  I think it's the comfort food of my childhood.
  5. This recipe can be made and ready to eat within 30 minutes.
  6. Grilled cheese sandwiches go great with it.

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