Advent Calendar Day 4 – Cookies Anyone?

Way back in 2009 (has it really been this long?) we held a Virtual Cookie Exchange here on the Hillbilly Housewife blog. We had all sorts of delicious cookie recipes that were contributed by fellow bloggers and compiled them into a pdf document. I thought it would be fun to share those recipes with you today. Here are just a few of the recipes that are included in this free download. HBHW Advent Calendar - Day 4

  • Chocolate Thumb Print Cookies
  • Nut Horns
  • Maple-Walnut Shortbread
  • Pecan Snowballs
  • Magic Cookie Bars
  • Triple Chocolate Cookies
  • Almond Bars
  • Lemon Drop Cookies
  • Tiny Green Wreaths
  • Chocolate Goobers
  • Basic Spritz Cookie
  • Norwegian Fatigman
  • Cowboy Cookies
  • Dirty Thumb Cookies
  • Fudgie Buddies
  • Almond Delights
  • Mini Fruitcake Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cookies
  • Monster Cookies
  • Gluten Free Mock Thin Mints
  • Vanilla Kiperls
  • Apricot Slovak Cookies
  • Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
  • Whoopie Pies
  • Date and Nut Pinwheels
  • Mint Meltaways

Download The Virtual Cookie Exchange Recipe Booklet (PDF). Happy Baking!

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