Advent Calendar Day 18 – Homemade Jelly or Jam

It’s getting down to the wire. In yesterday’s newsletter I mentioned next Wednesday was the day before Christmas Eve… and was promptly corrected that next Wednesday IS Christmas Eve – Yikes… I somehow thought I had an extra day to get things done. Hillbilly Housewife Advent Calendar Day 18All the shopping is done (except for some last minute grocery stuff) and I’m starting to get ahead on wrapping. I do have a few more presents to make and am getting caught up on my knitting, fudge making and hoping to get a few more jars of jellies and jams made this weekend. I thought you may want to do the same, so today’s Advent Calendar treat is a free copy of my very first Kindle Cookbook – Homemade Jelly and Jam Recipes

Homemade Jelly and Jam Recipes

This is a collection of 35 tried and true family recipes for jellies, jams, fruit butters, and marmalades from the Hillbilly Housewife. Made from fresh fruit and ingredients that YOU control, these recipes not only taste better than store bought, they also allow you the chance to create some hand-me-down recipes of your own. Don’t worry if you’ve never made homemade jellies and jam before. You’ll find a section in the book that covers the basics of jelly and jam making, along with helpful tips and a FAQ section that will cover just about every question you have. This little ebook is designed to make the whole process simple and easy. Want to get started right away but don’t have all the equipment you need to can jelly and jam? No problem! The freezer jam recipes are easy to make and you don’t need any special equipment. Take a peek at just a few of the recipes you’ll find inside:

    • Strawberry Freezer Jam
    • Grape Jelly
    • Apple Jelly Made From Peels and Cores
    • Red Currant Jelly
    • Hot Pepper Jelly
    • Peach Butter
    • Apple Butter
    • Orange Lemon Marmalade
    • Fig Jam
    • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
    • Apricot Jam

Click on and enjoy this fun and frugal Kindle ebook today! Download the US Version Download the UK Version As mentioned earlier, there are some who are puzzled about getting a book on Kindle. This is the question I’ve received repeatedly: “I would love to read this, but I don’t have a Kindle. What do I do?” Here’s the good news. You don’t need an Amazon Kindle. You can read the book on a variety of devices that have Kindle Apps. For example, there may be an app for your phone, iPod or iPad. You can get a full list of free Kindle apps here. If you don’t have one of those devices, you can still easily download my Kindle ebook right on your own computer or laptop. You’ll see right below the ‘Buy’ button the words “Available on your PC.” Click on and it walks you right through. It’s easy to read Kindle ebooks right on your computer via the “Cloud Reader“. I’ve been using that one myself and it works like a charm.

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