Advent Calendar Day 17 – Casseroles Made Simple

I used to love the last last day before Christmas break. We wouldn’t do much work and have a little classroom party instead. Looking at my daughter’s schedule, they’ve expanded it to take up most of the last week of school. So far her days have been filled with Christmas play performances, class room parties and today she and her class are on an all-day field trip. From the sound of it, the last two school days will be filled with games, movies and a classroom party. I’m hoping they’ll get at least a little school work in as well. Hillbilly Housewife Advent Calendar Day 17My days on the other hand are packed full of last minute errands, meal preparations, decorating, cleaning, wrapping presents, getting a few last minute cards out and the likes. I’m sure you’re days aren’t much different. It’ll all be well worth the effort though. For today’s Advent Calendar treat, I thought I’d share a coupon code for the Casseroles Made Simple Cookbook with you. As usual coupon code “ADVENT” gives you 50% off. Inside you’ll find some yummy side dish ideas that would make a nice addition to your holiday table, along with all sorts of main dish casseroles you can make throughout the year. I love using Christmas leftovers and turning them into tasty dinners throughout January. I’m sure you’ll come back to this book month after month.

Casseroles Made Simple – Tasty Meals In One Dish. You will go from the oven to the table with a mouth watering meal for you family in no time! Hearty homemade meals, easy clean up, saving time, saving money… what’s not to love about casseroles! Just click on Casseroles Made Simple to order your copy today!

Use coupon code “ADVENT” to get the eBook at half price.

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