Advent Calendar Day 12 – Time For Some Chili

It’s getting cold down here in Dixie. Today I had to scratch ice from the windshield for the first time before taking my daughter to school. The cold weather has me adding more and more soups and stews to our weekly meal plans.

Hillbilly Housewife Advent Calendar Day 12Something that’s making a regular appearance these days is Chili. I mix it up by fixing it in the slowcooker one week and on the stove the next. I’m making chili with ground beef, stew meat, chicken, turkey and vegetarian versions. With so many different recipes to choose from, we never get tired of eating it.

As today’s Advent Calendar treat, I would like to share my Kindle Cookbook of Chili recipes with you. It’s a free download on Amazon.

Free Kindle Book – 35 Chili Recipes – World’s Best (My Family Thinks So ) Chili Recipes 

35 Chili Recipes - Kindle CookbookChili is an easy and versatile dish. You can make it with all different kinds of meat such as beef, turkey, chicken or venison. You can also make it with or without beans.

You can also make it as spicy as you like. In other words, it’s a simple recipe that you can tweak to your liking.

Here are some of the recipes you’ll find inside:

  • Kid Friendly Chili
  • One Pot Chili
  • Fast and Easy Chili
  • Crock Pot Chili
  • Quick and Easy White Chili
  • Corn and Black Bean Chili
  • No Tomato Crock Pot Chili
  • No Beans and Tomatoes Chili
  • No Bean Chili Recipe
  • No Bean Meat Lover’s Chili
  • Cheap and Easy Crockpot Chili


Download the Chili Cookbook to your Kindle, computer, tablet or smart phone.

Let’s Talk About Chili

My question for you today is what type of chili do you like best? Leave me a comment below.

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