ADHD and Food

I am writing to ask for some help. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD (from his school, not the dr) and my husband and I don’t want to put him on the medication. In fact, I’m pretty sure my husband is going to be adamant about not putting him on it. He was on ADD meds till he finally refused to take them. He said they made him like a zombie. Yes, I know they don’t give the same kind of meds but I agree with him about not giving a 7 year old medication all the time. Anyway, What I’m looking for are recipes/menus, anything that we can try to help him out. I firmly believe there’s got to be something other than medication that will help. In fact, I’ve researched a certain program but I can’t afford it right now. This is pretty serious so any help will be great. He’s failing his second year of K (but getting 1-on-1 with a special ed teacher and doing a little better). Thanks a bunch.


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