5 Ways To Tame The Clutter In Your Home

Clutter has a way of taking over a home. If you don’t address it and create systems to keep it controlled, it can become overwhelming. It’s why there are so many organization homes and experts. Well you don’t need to watch a television show to get control. Here are five tips and strategies for taming that clutter that seems to take over our homes: 1. Sort with a four container method The four container method helps you clean any room and eliminate clutter. Start with an easy task like a closet. Create four containers. Label them: “keep”, “toss,” “donate,” and “sell.” If you’re not interested in having a garage sale or consignment then use a three container system and eliminate “sell.” Make sure you have a place to put everything you keep. 5 Ways To Tame The Clutter In Your Home 2. Use a three tiered system A tiered system embraces the concept that the only thing that should be in sight are things you need often. For example, in your living room you might need to keep the television remotes handy. Other things like DVDs can be second tier items which can be in a cabinet. First tier items should be within arm’s reach. Second tier items can be in the same room but in organized cabinets or drawers. Third tier items are items you don’t need often, like the warranty on your television or the operating instructions. These items don’t have to be in your living room. You can store them in a file cabinet in your home office or basement closet. 3. Assign labels When organizing items, use labels. Label by category, date, or item. Use labels in your closet, refrigerator/freezer, pantry, and of course in your home office files. Make sure your family understands the labels and puts things where they belong. 4. Catch-all boxes Create boxes or baskets for each room. Use the baskets to collect items that don’t belong in that room. For example, if you find a pair of socks or a book in the living room they can go in the basket. Each night clean out the basket and put things where they belong. This prevents clutter from accumulating. 5. Cleaning rituals Consider creating cleaning rituals. For example, make your bed in the morning. Clean the kitchen before you go to bed. Put things away after you use them. And of course encourage others in your home to do the same. When everything has a place and that place is easily recognizable then it’s easy to make sure clutter doesn’t accumulate. Getting rid of the clutter is only the first step. Once it is gone, create systems to keep it clean. Label storage areas. Create storage systems that make sense. Don’t buy more unless you’re willing to get rid of more. Make sure that everyone in your home is on board with your clutter elimination plan. To your clutter free success!

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