Weight Watchers Food Diary

I’m looking for a copy of the weekly WW food journal from the 1980’s; the one with the daily exchanges and little check-boxes. Can you help me?

(Editor’s note:  This was shared by a reader, Margaret in Texas.  Is it the one you’re looking for?  Here’s the link:
Weight Watchers Food Diary)

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  1. Jessica says

    I have 2 types one looks like it is from 1999 and one from 2001 but not any as far back as the ’80’s.
    If you would like these I could send them to you, I have 1 of each.


    • says

      I know that it has been a while since you emailed the Weight Watchers food diary to theses other ladies, but if you still have them, I would greatly appreciate a copy of them.

      Thanks a bunch.


    • Sharyne says

      I would love a copy of the WW Tracker, the old plan is the only one that has ever worked for me.

      Thanks ,


  2. Pat B says

    I have an old WW paper spreadsheet type journal from 1987 that is folded in fifths. You unfold it and it has a menu planner for each day of the week and the check boxes at the bottom. Is that what you are looking for?

      • Gloria says

        Could you possibly send me a copy of the menu planner for each day of the week and check boxes at the bottom? Thank you so much!!

          • Nora says

            I am looking for the WW meal plans from the mid ’80. the plan that gave you daily menus and also had the check of boxes for your daily intake.of protein, fat, etc.. Thanks…

    • victoriapenny says

      I wonder if you would mind very much sending me the same thing as you are sending Ronda? Im talking about the WW spreadsheet journal from 1987. I too have been searching for this with no luck until now. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you very much.


      • Patricia says

        I would also like a copy emailed if you would. I reached goal on the Selection Plan. I was just getting the hang of the points program in 2010 (down 30 lbs) when they changed it. I’ve since gained the 30 back. Thank you.

    • Pat Rainier says

      I have been looking for the 1980’s WW spreadsheets that you are talking about…can you email them to me. My husband lost weight using this program and I do not like the points program…Can you help?

    • says


      Yes, yes, that is the WW spreadsheet that I have been looking for, could you please, please email that one to me; I would really be grateful for it.

    • Betty says

      Hi Pat,

      If it’s no trouble I would really appreciate you emailing a copy of that WW spreadsheet to me also.


    • Rae says

      I would love it if you could email me the old WW spreadsheet. I am diabetic now and the old WW program was more like the exchanges for the Diabetic Diet. I was really more successful on the old WW diet than the one now where you can eat everything…because with diabetes, you can’t eat everything. Off limits works better for me.

      Thanks ever so much.

    • MaritaK says

      Gloria, I. Just happened on to this site and saw your response to Ronda about the 1980s spreadsheet with the boxes to check off. Have been looking for this for a long time. Could I possibly get a copy also. I would be willing to pay you for it and anything else you have for this plan. Pls advise as I seem to be gaining weight by the minute. This program worked for me back then and hope it will now. Marita K

    • MaritaK says

      Pat B, I just sent a reply to Gloria and now i see that it should have been addressed to you. I too would like a copy of the weight watchers spread sheet, journal, foods or anything you might have from the 1980s plan. Was on this diet in the 80s and lost weight without starving myself. The point plan is too complicated for me. Plus I am in a wheelchair so going out for meetings is not for me. If you or anyone reading this has the old plan, spreadsheets, instructions, I would be willing to pay for a copy. As I told Gloria, I’m gaining weight by the minute and need help. Thanks. MaritaK

    • Gerry Thompson says

      I lost weight with the old weight watchers like everyone else back in the 80s. I don’t want to track points..I just want someone to give me a list. I wish I had saved mine..I found a few pages in a box but have no clue where it is now. Thank you Gerry Thompson

    • Crystal says

      Do you still have the old WW Journal I like the others do so much better with that than the point system, plus it is cheaper. If so could you email it to me. Thanks so much.

    • roxy says

      I’m looking for a tracking sheet from 1980’s weight watchers program. I would love to have a copy if you still have it.

    • Margo Lane says

      Me too! The old tracker and food plan was the only one that worked for me. Email me, and I will send you info. Thanks! Margo

  3. anna says

    I would also like that info sent to me..it’s hard doing it on your own. You guys on here are the greatest Thank you Jessica

  4. erika says

    hey Jessica, can I have a copy of that also. I’ve been searching for it and I don’t want to join weight watchers just for that.Thanks

  5. Mrs_Koehn says

    I’ve found the Diet Minder line online at Lucky Vitamin. They’ve got some great things to record. Not sure what you’re looking for, and I mostly use the Health Minder, but you might look at those too. My doctor was really interested in them too!

  6. deb jones says

    Basically it is just the exchanges. You can make up your own. Just figure out your starches, fruits, veggies, fats and proteins for the day. Somewhere I had found a diet with the exchange list for 1200 calorie (and other ranges). I thought it was here. I will post where to find it or post my email if you want the diet plan. I did Weight Watchers and it was way to expensive for me. I know how the point system works .

  7. Debra says

    WW is online and you do not have to pay to get many ideas, recipies, encourgement, etc. Go to weightwatcher.com and look around. They have updated their program many times since 1980’s and is much easier now, you eat whatever you want it is all in choices and prortions.

    • Deborah Townsend says

      I’m sorry but the new plans dont work for a lot of us. It would be great if Weight Watchers gave their customers options on which diet they want to follow even if from the 80’s. They charge enough that it should be an option!!!!! I would gladly go back and pay what they charge. I am short weigh almost 200lbs. and need help but the other plans dont work for me.debltownsend@yahoo.com……..thank you to anybody who can help me out!!!

  8. Gloria says

    I would love a copy with the daily meals and little boxes on the bottom which you check off as you eat. I have been looking for this type journal for years!! Thanks!!

    • Sue Cooke says

      Please, please send me a copy of the spreadsheet also. It’s so much easier just filling in the circles and following the plan every day. I would so so appreciate it!

  9. Kristine C says

    Thank heavens I found you! I have been looking for the late 1980’s version of the weight watchers journal. That is the program I reached goal on and stayed at goal until 1999 after my 3rd child was born. Haven’t been near goal since, despite rejoining weight watchers several times. They all think I’m nuts for wanting to go back to the old program, but it WORKED!. If you could send me the journal, I would be ever so grateful.

  10. Amy says

    Hi everyone! Is there any way someone can e-mail me the 1980 weight watchers spread sheet with the exchange lists? My mom and I went to Weight Watchers together in the 80’s and this plan was just plain, simple and it worked. I’m sorry to bother you guys but I can’t find it anywhere! I have chronic back pain and know loosing weight could help my condition. My e-mail address is mommy.rocks00@yahoo.com. Thank you so much in advance for anyone that help me-God Bless and be well!

    • Darlene says

      Did you receive a copy? If so could you pass it on to me. I have had not luck with the points system (seems there are a lot of us that are not to keen on it). Thanks.
      (you can email it to dburwood8201@yahoo.ca, again thanks!!

  11. Pat T. says

    I would LOVE to have a copy of the WW Quick Start (or Fast Start) daily food plan that was 2 weeks long – think from the mid to late 80s. It was a little booklet that had 3 meals per day, with choices for each meal. I can’t remember all of it, but know that things like 1/2 pita bread or 1/2 English muffin with 1 tsp of peanut butter, for breakfast; 1/2 pita with veggies and sliver of meat for lunch, etc. It was, I think, green with writing in white…not sure. This was the BEST two-week start-up ever – could lose 10 lbs or more and your stomach shrank quickly – PLUS it was healthy, very energy related. If anyone has this or knows where I can I find it, I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks a ton!

    • Deborah Townsend says

      Amazon has a book Weight Watchers Quick Start Program Cookbook with full exchange plan by Jean Nidetch and the price isnt bad. I just ordered mine so I dont know if the tracker thing is in it also or not. Also another book to check out at eatright.org is Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes and it is very low in cost. Hope this helps. debltownsend@yahoo.com

    • Deborah Townsend says

      I believe it wa 4 weeks long. but I dont have any info about the maintenance part of the diet. If anybody out there does would u please send the info to my email? debltownsend@yahoo.com. It was the only plan that ever helped me to lose weight. None of the new Weight Watchers plans now work for me. Thank you!

  12. says

    I would love it if one of you guys could forward the WW tri folded spreadsheet from the 80″s. I used to belong and now I can’t afford it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankx group!
    email is: mdboud54@yahoo.com

  13. Karen rollins says

    Would someone send me a copy of the old food diary with the check boxes as well? This was the food tracker on the 80’s diet. I have ordered the old weight watchers book, but I cant find the food trackers list anywhere online to print them out. karenl-51@hotmail.com thanks so much

  14. SIndi says

    Hi Guys – I have been searching for 80s WW info – I was very successful on that plan! To me, it was the best and the most nutritious! I am also looking for the exchange info and would appreciate if anyone could forward a copy schrzan@comast.net! Thanks for help :)

  15. Deb picard says

    If you have it could you e-mail copy of tracker to grammapicard@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate it. I think that plan works better than all of the new stuff they come up with. Much less complicated. I have tried new plans with limited success. Thanks very much. Deb

  16. Jacqueline says

    I have a couple of recipes I have tried for years to find. They were WW recipes from the mid 80’s to mid 90’s. I can;t remember the name of the recipes but one had tuna, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and green beans. There were probably more ingredients but that’s what I can remember. And the other was cheese, macaroni, mushrooms, and greenbeans and again there were more ingredients but just don’t remember. If anyone could get me the recipe or even the name of the recipe I would be so happy. These little recipes made a perfect lunch or dinner. Thanks for any help.

  17. linda campton says

    I would love to have a copy of the ’80s food tracker system with
    checks scanned and sent to me if possible. I would b glad to pay
    a modest fee for inconvenience. On soc sec now and it just
    doesn’t stretch! My email is bluedancer1946@yahoo.com. Thank
    you so very much.

  18. Deborah Townsend says

    I too am starting the old Weight Watchers plan they had in the 80’s its the only plan that worked for me. I am n great need of the tracking and any other info anybody out there would kindly send my way. I think the one I did was called Quick Start. I have discovered that the American Diabetes Association’s diet is much like this one. I did the one where u could only have 3 eggs a week or 3 servings of red meat a week and should have a min. of 3 fish a week. O and liver each week. Any info anybody could send me will be greatly appreciated. If only Weight Watchers would still offer this plan I would go back even at the cost it is now!!! Does anybody know why they won’t? My email is debltownsend@yahoo.com Thank you so very much.

  19. Deborah Townsend says

    Also does anybody have any info about the exercising portion of the Weight Watchers diet. I cant remember anything about it. debltownsend@yahoo.com Was there anything about exercise and how it fit into the 80’s program?

  20. Karen says

    I am so happy to see that others preferred the old plan, also. I am looking for the books, trackers from the late 1990’s before they switched over to points. It was an excellent program and I’d love to get back on it also. Thank you for any help!

  21. says

    I am also looking for a weekly journal from the 90’s if anyone has a copy could you please email me
    one. Thank you.

  22. Diana says

    I lost a ton of weight with the plan of around/80/81…it kept off 20 years TILL THYROID probs…but still not so bad…I have it in my head pretty much the plan…..but i think it would be cool to have the 7 day plan menu from the middle of the booklet they had…I use to put it on my fridge and follow it to a T….made life so simple! It was the one let u have peanut butter..liver…glass of wine occassionally…and mostly u had fish and chicken…Like this…3 breads,1 cereal,3 fruit,2 salads-1veg,2protien,2 milk…3 fat. I think thats pretty close…then I added a bread later and more fruit etc.

  23. Elaine says

    I am looking for a recipe called “Snack Bars” that was in an old 1990s booklet that was given out free at one of the meetings back then. I have inquired everywhere, and on every blog I can find. The booklet was only about 20 pages, and also had a Minestrone Soup recipe in it. But I would really love to find the snack bar recipe. It was a light tan booklet and not very colorful, but had great recipes. Thank you in advance if anyone can help.

  24. gail says

    I’m also looking to buy exchange’s from 1987 was it 6 protein, 3
    breads, 2 fats, 2 milks, . Is it in the book? I always kept a note pad checking myself. Yes it did work. Tried the new one. Didn’t work. But that was a long time ago. I lose fast on Adkins. Any help Thank you

  25. Ken Hedrick says

    Hi! I am looking for the old spreadsheet that I received in 1978 for the 7 days of journaling (sic?) when I joined weight watchers. I am also looking for the little exchange book that you carried in your pocket. Can you help me with this?
    Thanks so much in advance!

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