Vanilla Chai Spice Liquid Coffee Creamer

I’m looking to make my own version of Coffeemate’s Vanilla Chai Spice Coffee Creamer, preferably liquid. I actually want to make a sugar-free version, as they don’t have one, and sugar-free offerings in the coffee creamer area, whether liquid or powder, are extremely limited. I was thinking of using Truvia or Splenda (or their lower-cost alternatives) for the sweetener. I can’t figure out the spices, or the quantities. Thank you.

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  1. Chelli says

    Angela, did you find anything? It sounds awesome, but I haven’t had any luck coming up with even a good chai latte recipe at home. Sorry.

  2. John Voorhees says

    I would love to find one also.
    Every store that has sold it in the past has stopped selling it. Wegmans even refused to let me but a whole case. They have no idea of Customer Service. Now it looks like International Delight Coffee House has stopped making their Chai Latte.
    Not a happy Coffee Drinker.

    • Jenn says

      Sadly, Coffee-mate discontinued their Vanilla Chai Spice flavor. It was my ultimate favorite. It was the only creamer I found that tasted great with camomile tea after I stopped drinking coffee. I wish to duplicate a natural creme version :)

  3. Beebs says

    I think we need to start a petition to get Coffee Mate to start making Vanilla Chai Spice Coffee Creamer. They quit making it a few years back and got so many people protesting that they brought it back. I can’t believe they would quit making it again. It was the only flavor I like.

    • Erica says

      I agree!!! My mom and I both LOVE this creamer, and I cannot believe they’d get rid of it!!! It’s not fair, and I DEMAND they bring it back!!!

  4. Terrie says

    Just did a search a few days ago for Chai tea, after a friend said she loved it. I’ve never had it, but it sounds good. Here’s a link to a powdered mix that sounded good. Perhaps you could modify it slightly to get what you’re looking for. I noticed that some other Chai recipes also added black or white pepper, so maybe try a dash or two of black or white pepper.

  5. Patricia says

    I LOVE vanilla chi spice !!! I haven’t found anything I like … I truly wish they would bring it back please

  6. tracy says

    im sooooo sad about the vanilla chai being discontinued, it was also my ultimate favorite as well! but! I found a recipe on that has 7 different coffee creamer recipes, that all can be flipped to a sugar free version using date paste…i made the sugar free almond joy, its pretty good, id maybe add more almond flavor next time, also they have a pumpkin spice recipe, its made with vanilla flavoring as well, id add a little more vanilla next time….but its similiar to our favorite :) but I think it could be tweeked to be more like the vanilla spice chai, just havent perfected it yet! also I was reading on that website about powder creamer and I guess its linked to heart disease or else id totally indulge with the powder version! :) anyway thats all the info I have…im down to start a patition to get our favorite creamer back on that shelf! but, I did write nestle/ coffee mate and asked where it went via email and they sent me a coupon for like 4 dollors for a different flavor maybe if enough people write them they will bring it back! but try the pumpkin spice recipe, its similiar and its much healthier, I dont know if you guys know this either, but apparently it has hardly any dairy in it, its practically all artificial sweetners and preservitives, I think making your own creamer is awesome! but im not gonna lie I totally miss our chai! tootles

  7. Kim J. says

    I’ve never tried the Vanilla Chai Spice creamer, but I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to replicate. The spices included in my homemade chai includes black pepper, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. Of course it is sweetened with sugar and has milk added. I’m sure you could use sugar free vanilla flavored creamer, artificial sweetener to taste and the spices.

  8. Karen Hill says

    If you have a recipe for the Vanilla Chai Spice liquid, would you share it with me? It was my favorite. I did go to coffeemate website and asked them if they were ever planning to bring it back. I would be more than happy to sign a petition to get it back if any of you have one. In the meantime go to their website to contact us and request them to bring it back. Thanks, Karen

  9. Mary Boyd says

    I agree with you all, Coffee-mate was the absolute BEST, Over a year ago a Coffee House brand came out that I had to settle for and before the end of winter I went to about 5 or 6 stores and bought all I could and froze them!!!! I have just finished my last one, so my next quest is to see if I can find a recipe…. If ya start a petition, please let me know, I’m with ya, and I’m a tea drinker and love it in my tea!!! Also, if I happen to come across a good recipe, I’ll be happy to share it.

  10. Jenn says

    I really love the Vanilla Chai creamer as well! The best tasting chai I have found is Republic of Tea chai latte syrup to mix in milk! I don’t know how good it would be if it got mixed in with coffee…I HAVE found that the Cinnabon creamer from International Delight is an awesome substitute…I haven’t switched up since they took it off of the limited edition list!

  11. Linda says

    Would some one lease post a recipe for liquid chai creamer, it is the best. My grandaughter and I looked at every store in our area not realizing it was discontinued, we like it in our tea that we have in the evening especally in winter.

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