Uses For Powdered Coffee Creamer

I’m looking for recipes to use up a large container of powdered coffee creamer. We bought one for a party we had and hardly any was used. We don’t drink coffee and hate to see it wasted!

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  1. Inez says

    I have been using coffee creamer for years in my cream potatoes,corn bread and any thing that calls for milk, I use it dry and add the amount of water in place of milk. works beautifully.

  2. Jane says

    If you attend church, you might be able to donate it to the church kitchen. Or for that matter, any community group that has coffee at meetings might appreciate the donation.

  3. says

    You can take your coffee creamer and make Hot chocolate
    Put powered hot cocoa mix and equal parts ofpowered milk
    2cups powered cocoa poder like nestle’s oucik or Swiss Miss
    1 cup powered milk
    Mix together
    Add 1 cup water and and 4 tablesspoons Cocoa Mix
    Micowave for 1 minute Add a marshmellow and enjoy.

  4. Julie Williamson says

    We use the creamer in many many recipes. You can use it in place of milk, just mixed with water in:

    mashed potatoes
    creamed soups
    homemade bread
    scrambled eggs
    mac and cheese (even the cheapy bought ones)
    in almost any baking item…even cookies and cakes!

    Let you imagination go wild! I can’t tell you how many times I have reached into the fridge for the milk and the kids have devoured it leaving me wondering what to use in place of it….well, I actually keep a supply of creamer on hand just because of that. Probably not as healthy, but it comes in handy and sometimes….a lot cheaper too! Hope this helps

  5. says

    We use it in our homemade pancake dry mix. This makes it easier to make pancakes since we don’t need to have milk in the fridge to make them now. All you need is water.

  6. birthrightrose says

    You can use it to make your own Instant Oatmeal packets! Add 1/3 cup oats, 1TBS creamer, sugar or powdered sweetner of your choice (if you even use it!)to a sandwich bag or small lidded container. Add in the hot water to your desired consistancy and Voila! Good bye instant packets from the store which are overpriced like crazy! Add raisins and a dash of cinnamon if you want to just get nutty!!

  7. Pat C says

    I use it in soups, like potato, instead of fresh milk. You can also use it in things like instant pudding, mashed potatoes, etc. Use it any place you would use milk or cream (except making ice cream). I tend to make it a little “richer/thicker” than it says on the label.

  8. Heather says

    You could make homemade spiced coffee creamer to give as gifts.

    4 tsp ground cinnamon
    2 tsp ground ginger
    2 tsp ground nutmeg
    1 tsp ground cloves
    1 tsp allspice
    1 cup non-dairy creamer

    Combine ingredients and store in an airtight container. Use 1-2 tsp per cup
    Of coffee.

  9. Janice says

    After you make the hot chocolate mix, put some in your blender with ice and a little water. “Frozen Hot Chocolate” like they sell at shops in the mall!

  10. Beth says

    Cocoa Mix:
    1 creamer
    1 bag powdered sugar (or less for sweetness)
    1 box Nestle Quik
    1/2 large box instant milk
    I reuse the creamer and quik containers to store – mix in large clean bag that you get from the grocery store and store in containers. Lasts until the next fall when you have the urge to make it again….
    To use: heat 1 cup water and add 2 tablespoons (or more) to water…enjoy!

  11. Carrie says

    There are a couple of books out there that have a lot of good recipes for making your own mixes from scratch. They are “Make a Mix Cookery” and “More Make a Mix”. I use them both on a regular basis. There is a really good recipe for hot cocoa mix made with nondairy creamer.

  12. gail williams says

    Use the creamer in grits.

    1 cup grits
    4 cups water
    1 TB chicken base
    1/4 cup creamer
    This will make the best tasting grits.

  13. Rhonda says

    You absolutely CAN use this in any recipe calling for milk when you are out of milk. I have done this lots of times when out of milk and did not realize it. We live waaay out of town or nearest store. Just mix with a bit of water.

  14. Rebecca says

    5 teaspoons of creamer to 1 cup hot water, you have to beat the living daylights out of it, but you can use it in recipes in place of milk.

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