Use Last Of The Peanut Butter, Nut Butter, Jam, Or Jelly In Jar

Use up the last of your peanut butter (or other nut butters) left in jar by making oatmeal for breakfast right in the jar.

  • Pour in a serving amount of oats, milk and sugar or fruit to taste.  You can add whatever you like. (Note: You can use raw oats, as the overnight soaking makes them soft.)
  • Shake the jar well, leave in the fridge overnight and have as oatmeal in the morning!

This tip is great for people who have to buy expensive nut butters because they have peanut allergies.
Also works for jam/jelly etc.

Get your money’s worth!

(Editors note:  This frugal tip was edited slightly to read like a recipe.  GREAT tip!)

Peanut Butter Oatmeal

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Virginia Brown - November 7, 2012

I LOVE good ideas! Being single, I will make a recipe, then for next meals I will add more veggies, spices, or milk/broth or cheese/beans; it can end up bein’ soup! Whatever tastes good together! so it’s not the same til it’s ate up. If there’s room in the freezer, I also freeze small portions for a quick meal. One can get real creative! ;o)

Cathy - November 27, 2012

I have a couple of frugal things I do. With the jelly jars and the last little bit in it, you can shake milk in it for a flavored milk or my favorite thing is a scoop of ice cream and either milk or 7up and then shake it up for a fruit flavored milk shake!!

I hate to throw things away but even with a family of 6 I have some leftovers. I put a freezer bag in the freezer and each might after dinner instead of throwing those veggies away I put them in the freezer bag with their seasoned juices and when the bag gets full well its time for soup!!

Vicki - February 25, 2013

I never thought to do that with peanut butter and jam. Thanks. I do the same thing with honey and syrup. I pour tea into the honey jar and shake, then pour it back into my teacup. What may be too thin a coating to scrape from the bottom of a jar is really more than enough for tea.

ilse - February 26, 2013

I use a rubber scraper to get all the rest out of the bottom and off the sides. I can usually get 2 more servings out of a jar by doing that. I also use a scraper for getting the rest of the margarine out of the tub.

Lisa J. - February 27, 2013

I do the same thing with the rubber scraper/spatula! Even my kids and husband have caught on. I can’t believe how much you can get out of the jar this way; easily enough for another toast or two!

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