Mattress Cleaner To Remove Urine

My 3 year old son is learning to control his bladder at night. He only has about one accident per week. We have a water proof mattress pad but on occasion he pees a lot and it goes on the mattress. Any suggestions on how to clean it? I thought spraying vinegar might work but not sure.

Carrie - June 18, 2011

vinegar might work, fabreese will kill the odor, sun will get rid of the stain and odor

Kaye - June 22, 2011

Baking soda-sprinkle it on let it soak up any moisture and then vacuum it off. Sunshine also does a world of good, if you can get the mattress outside.

Kim J - June 22, 2011

To prevent further mishaps, in addition to putting a mattress cover on it, put a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth under the fitted sheet (flannel side up!). This will be soft to the skin, the backing is somewhat absorbant but won’t seep through as easy.

    Heidi - January 1, 2013

    WOW, having two children with pee pee challenges, and Lord knows how many queen sized complete bedding washes over the past 5 years…. I too have mattress covers, but they only last so many washes, and when they leak…. uggh. This is brilliant, a vinyl tablecloth upside down with flannel up.
    WOW, you are brilliant. SO much more affordable, and even under a pee pee pad to be sure.

Jami - June 22, 2011

We’ve always used borax on wet stains on matresses or even on the carpet. Sprinkle on, allow to dry, vacuum up! No more stain and no more smell!!

Mrs Koehn - June 22, 2011

If it’s bad, 1 part ammonia and 3 parts water in a spray bottle will take out most odors and stains.

Deb - June 22, 2011

It has been many years now since I had this problem in my home but I dealt with it the way my Grandmother taught me to. First blot the wet spot with a clean cloth to get out most of the moisture, sprinkle it with flour or baking soda to soak up the rest of the moisture and then brush (or vacuum) the powder off of the surface. Once you have it dry then mist the area with white vinegar to kill any bacteria as that is what will cause the odor. You could also spray it with an anti-bacterial spray but vinegar works great. I also put a thick towel under the sheet for the nights there were accidents. Good luck to your son on his growing-up!

Michelle - June 24, 2011

I 3rd the sunshine idea. I remember my mother taking our mattresses out and propping them up on our porch, it worked really well. She did it even after all us kids had grown out of bedwetting just to air the mattresses out.

Janice - June 27, 2011

I put a vinyl mattress protector on first, then the mattress cover. It sure has saved our mattresses, since if something soaks through, it can be wiped off.

Nicolet - June 28, 2011

Some people said baking soda or vinegar, but we use both! We have used this solution often for not only our kids having night-time accidents on mattresses, but also on carpet when we were housetraining our puppy! Soak up as much of the spot as you can with a dry cloth, then spray it with vinegar (can be mixed 50/50 with water first), then sprinkle baking soda on it. Let it dry completely, then vacuum off. If it was alot of pee, you may have to repeat the process. When the smell seems to be gone I give it one more good spritz of vinegar and let it air dry. It has worked well for us!

Melanie - June 29, 2011

Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas! I will try some of these!!

andrea - July 6, 2011

I use a shower curtain and its wide enough to cover the whole mattress. For cleaning, I use laundry detergent powder. hth

Eileen Tweedie - August 1, 2011

I have cleaned mattresses for a furniture rental company by using an upholstery cleaning tool and rug cleaner (vinegar works great too), then left out side to dry.

sherry - August 2, 2011

I have read that people, adults and children, many times have trouble holding their urine when they are low on magnesium. I had trouble after menopause. I began eating food with lots of magnesium and the problem went away.

Maggie the Cat - September 11, 2012

I use vinegar to wash laundry that has urine on it or to clean pet or toddler accidents and it works well. The enzymes in the vinegar break down what causes the odor in the urine. Blot up as much of the urine as possible with good absorbent paper towels. Put a wad on the spot and literally stand and jump lightly on it to absorb as much up as you can. Then pour as much vinegar as needed (slowly so you don’t overdo it b/c it will take a while for a carpet or mattress to dry) and let it work its magic. After it’s dry the vinegar smell will fade, but cover w/Febreze fabric refresher if needed. Then, most importantly, go to walmart and buy a VINYL MATTRESS COVER. They cost like $6 and will be well worth it compared to the trouble of cleaning a mattress or the cost of a new mattress.

Maggie the Cat - September 11, 2012

^of course, don’t put on the vinyl cover until the mattress is 100% dry or else it will mildew.

TRISH - September 13, 2012

A very big thank you to all who contributed to this topic. I am an RN, case manager in home health care. I sometimes have patients and this is applicable for their incontinence issues. This is information that I will pass on to their families and/or caregivers. Yes, there are many incontinence products that can be purchased. But so many patients just don’t have the money to purchase these products. And of course we all have to think about disposal and our landfills. And good old vinegar has so many things it can be used for and it’s relatively inexpensive by the gallon at discount stores. THANK YOU ALL! Trish

lara - January 2, 2013

you can also use that Awesome cleaner you get at dollar stores or a combination of hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish detergent sprayed. follow with baking soda on top sprinkled. let dry and vacuum or wash the bedding as able (vacuum mattress, wash bedding). i will try to find the recipe for this, it is used on pet stains in carpeting or vomit/diarrhea on bedding. i think oxyclean or the dollar store equivalent can help too. oxy clean is just baking soda and peroxide together.

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