Sweetened Condensed Milk

  • 1 cup hot tap water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups instant non-fat dry milk powder
  • 6 tablespoons melted margarine
  • Blender or electric beaters

First get out your blender. You can beat the mixture with electric beaters if you prefer, but a blender really does a better job. A food processor would probably work pretty well too, but I’ve never tried it. So anyway, measure your hot water into the blender. Add the sugar, dry milk powder and melted margarine. Put the lid on the blender and whirl it around for a full minute. The mixure will be kind of thin, but will thicken up after standing for about an hour. This recipe makes about 3 cups, or the equivalent of two cans of condensed milk. Each store-bought can of sweetened condensed milk contains about 1-1/2 cups. So this recipe is equivalent to two cans. The mixture may be measured and used right away in any recipe calling for sweetened condensed milk. Or for longer storage, divide the mixture equally between two clean pint size canning jars. Store them in the fridge for a week. Or for longer storage, freeze them for a few months, and then just thaw before using. Every time you use this recipe instead of buying the name brand stuff from the store you will save about $3.00. Not bad for less than five minutes work.

And for anyone who is skeptical: Yes, this recipe really works in all of the recipes the canned stuff does.

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  1. Penny Tyler says:

    I have an extra supply of cows milk right now. Do you have any conversion for using cows milk instead of dry milk? I am going to experiment but don’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone else knows how to do it. Thank you for your advice. Penny

  2. J H Robbins says:

    How can I thicken my condensed milk. I did it just like the recipe said (not yours, but it is exactly the same) and it just won’t thicken. It tastes like condensed milk, but it is runny.
    Thanks, JH Robbins

  3. tina wilhelm says:

    I love this site, thank so much for making this site and having it free. i would just like to ask if you can the sweetened condensed milk?

  4. Wanda Stine says:

    My daughter makes home made carmel pies by just heating and beating sweetened condensed milk. But these pies are costly as it takes 3 cans sometimes 4 (if she makes it without any topping). What a great money saver! We’ll give it a try as we have folks giving our large family (9 of us) evaporated milk all of the time!

  5. Jamie Smith says:

    How does this work as a coffee creamer? I have used Condensed milk as a coffee creamer and it works great.

  6. Katie Farrar says:

    I wish the questions here had answers! I made this tonight, and it tastes and looks just right, but it’s runny. It’s in the fridge right now, to hopefully go into a cheesecake tomorrow. I sure would hate to waste all these ingredients, though, if the cheesecake doesn’t set up. We’ll see. Just wish there was an answer to the question about thickening.

  7. When I make this recipe mine turns out super thick, not sure why, maybe brand of milk may be more heavy by dry measure?!?!

    Tastes yummy, bakes well in some recipes but I did destroy a no bake cheesecake using it, the darn thing never set. Just froze it and ate it as an ice cream pie instead. No worries…

  8. I cook too healrhy to use this recipe as is. I’d use hot filtered water, heated on the stove or in a coffee or tea pot (not a microwave), xylotol instead of sugar, and butter or coconut oil instead of margarine. We don’t use cow’s milk either. I think I’m on the wrong site.

  9. Trophywife says:

    This makes great microwave fudge too!

  10. I searched for a while trying to find this recipe. I almost gave up. I work a grave shift, it’s 1:00 am, and I needed to make a pumpkin pie this morning. I could not leave to pick-up a can, I remembered making my own many years ago…Thank you sooo much!

  11. can you can this recipe in a water bath or pressure canner for longer storage?
    and what would be the process?
    and how long could you keep it stored?

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