Soda Pop Cake

Although I can't take credit for this cake  ( I seen it on a morning newscast)  I think it is great! I have seen soda pop cakes in the grocery also, I bought one once and was not impressed. I decided to try this as something unusual..with the soda my son likes.

All you do is replace the eggs and oil called for on a regular sized box Cake mix with one 12 oz can of soda.
They used and called for a clear diet soda to cut calories, but I would guess you could use orange/or red pop etc.
I have made two now with a regular sugar (not diet) popular citrus soda, and my son loves it.

I know soda is kind of expensive…but if you consider the cost of eggs and oil, it almost evens out the cost. plus less fat and if you use diet soda…less calories.

They called for icing it with fatfree/sugarfree whip topping..but I just lightly powder sugared the top after it had cooled some and was only slightly warm. It was great with the discounted strawberries on top, that I was lucky enough to pick up at the grocery!

Garden Spreader - May 11, 2011

My mom used to make these cakes with the vanilla flavored box mix and orange crush. They were just delicious. Hmmm…I might have to make one for my nieces sometime soon.

Kelley - May 12, 2011

Devils Food with Dr. Pepper is good too!

Lisa - May 12, 2011

I have also made this with diet orange pop and added a can of mandarin oranges. Can frost with light cool whip or for a change mix the coolwhip with a box of sugar free vanilla pudding and a bit of the juice drained off the oranges. Great summer desert!

Lisa Marie Mary - May 12, 2011

Oooh, these sound so good! I especially like the sound of the way Garden Spreader’s mom used to make them. Almost like a ‘Dreamsicle Cake’ …kind of… Yum!

Karen - May 12, 2011

You can also use either a spice cake mix or a carrot cake mix and add a can of diet sprite :) !

Julie Lindgren - May 13, 2011

This can easily be done with club soda. No calories and no extra sugar. The cake mix has all the sugar in it that it needs (and then some).

Rhonda - February 27, 2013

Soda pop cake
I have made this a couple of times,but used a yellow cake
Mix,with Sprite,banana pudding and cool whip.Everyone
liked it.

tennie - March 22, 2013

hi going to try one of these so many great comments on them but can you bake them in a tube pan??? thxs

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